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Top Dutch interior designer By Shakir

My Story

The label of Dutch top interior stylist By Shakir is characterized by the Metropolitan Luxury style. It is also very important for Shakir to style according to the wishes of the customer, both nationally and internationally. Through many exclusive projects at home and abroad, By Shakir has the expertise to always exceed the expectations of the customers. He does this by coordinating the furniture with the floors, walls and matching accessories. The projects are therefore worked out in detail.


The textiles that By Shakir uses for upholstery are of high quality and always exclusive. For example, By Shakir invests a lot of time in making and obtaining exclusive fabrics. By offering customization to the customer with the right color combination, the Top stylist Shakir can safely say that he is world class. Each project is known for craftsmanship and exclusivity.


Before By Shakir starts with a project, everything is worked out in detail with a tight schedule. For example, (3d) drawings and sketches are made from the floor plan of the house. This way we can give the customer an impression of his home with our furniture and accessories. By working with impressions, the customer knows exactly what will happen. Of course, the taste of the customer is taken into account and we always give advice on the rest such as choice of the floor and choice of color of the walls. Because By Shakir has a large network with various suppliers, the customer can still be provided in various other areas.



The brand "By Shakir"

After founding its own brand / label “By Shakir”, By Shakir Interiors has managed to make considerable growth. As a result, our range / label has also been expanded with its own line of decorative cushions, exclusive interior products, furniture, fabrics, home accessories and fragrances.

“Your work is going to be a big part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe. And the only way to do a good job is to do what you love. have not found, keep looking, As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it.”